KICFF Award Winners 2018

KICFF Award Winners 2018
KICFF Award Winners 2018
KICFF Award Winners 2018
KICFF Award Winners 2018
KICFF Award Winners 2018
The award - winners of Kristiansand International Children' s Film Festival is now announced.

 KICFF Children's Film Award 

The Best Children's Film Award goes to the best  film in the main program.

The award went to the Iceladic animation film "Ploey - You Never Fly Alone", directed by Gunnar Karlsson and Arni Asgeirsson. 

A distribution fee of NOK. 50,000 goes to the distributor that imports the movie to Norway. This year's jury consisted of film critic Roy Søbstad, director Christian Lo and Christin Berg, Director of programming Nordisk Film Cinema. 

- The jury gives the import price to a warm and charming film with elements of both drama and romance. It presents us with a well-thought-out universe, and the Nordic nature is a suitably exotic background for a story that deals with courage, loss and belonging, and ends with the conclusion that great things can be accomplished with the help of good friends and having faith in oneself. 

The jury also gave an honourable mention to the British film «Just Charlie», directed by Rebekah Fortune, which portrays questions of identity and intolerance in a way that should make it compulsory viewing in primary and secondary school.


Norwegian Short Film Award

The BFF Jury also awarded the Norwegian Short Film "Boghole" directed by Torfinn Iversen.

The winner automically gets shortlisted for the Amanda Award 2018.

- The Short Film Award goes to a film that manages to formulate the hardest of feelings. When jealousy and insecurity take hold, good friendships are put to test. Framed by Northern Norwegian nature, the fine, young actors manage to dig their way out of the boghole by giving each other a helping hand. Stylish camera work portrays friendship with great recognisability.

The jury also gave honourable mention to Torill Kove's «Threads», an animated pearl that goes straight to the heart of us all.


ECFA Award

The ECFA award winner automatically gets nominated to the award of Europe's best children's film. The jury consisted of Iris Verhoeven (Belgium), Nicolai Schulz (Denmark) and Sita Jacobsen (Norway) 

The winner was the Kenyan/German film "Supa Modo", by director Likarion Wainana. 

- The ECFA jury decided to award the price to the film that combines entertainment and drama in a playful and heartfelt way. It is a universal story about children’s dreams, hope and family that tells an important message about belonging to a community. Special mention to the great music which gives the film a contemporary and uplifting feeling.


The Audience Award

The audience voted for the Norwegian "Operation Shadowman", directed by Grethe Bøe-Waal as their favorite.


UNG Award - Best youth film

A Youth Jury selected the best film in the competition program in Filmfest UNG, and it was the German film "My Brother Simple", by director Marcus Goller who won the Award.

This year's youth jury consisted of nine students from Tangen high school Silje Maria Fjeldstad, Frida Sannes, Sophus Stensland, Vetle Lian Andersen, Kajsa Ahlstrøm, Betina Eriksen and Fredrik Døviken. 

The Jury also gave special mention to the film "My Heart Belongs to Daddy", directed by Sofia Haugan. 


Barn i Byen- Award

The children`s jury selected the best film in the competition programme at KICFF. It was the Norwegian film "Los Bando", directed by Christian Lo that won the award. This year the jury consisted of seven students from Kristiansand aged 10-12 years.

The award is given in collaboration with a local magazine for families called Barn i Byen.


Awards at KICFF 2018

 The Best Children's Film Award 2018 - "Ploey - You Never Fly Alone", by Gunnar Karlsson and Arni Asgeirsson (Iceland)

Best Norwegian Short Film 2018 - "Boghole", directed by Torfinn Iversen (Norway) 

The ECFA Award 2018 -  "Supa Modo", directed by Likarion Wainana (Germany, Kenya)

Audience Award -  "Operation Shadowman", by Grethe Bøe-Waal (Norway) 

Youth Jury -  "My Brother Simple", by director Marcus Goller (Germany) 

Barn i Byen Award - "Los Bando", by director Christian Lo (Norway)

Best Pitch Award - "Lille Kriger", by Nick Hegreberg (Norway) 

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