The Film & Kino Children's Film Award 2015 went to the Argentinian film THE GAMES MAKER. The ECFA Award went to the Oscar-nominated SONG OF THE SEA. The audience voted ANTBOY 2 as their favorite and the Youth Jury awarded REMAKE as the best film in the youth section

Film & Kino Children's Film Award 

Film & Kino Children's Film Award goes to the best film in the main program. The Award went to the Argentinian THE GAMES MAKER. 

A distribution fee of NOK. 75,000 goes to the distributor that imports the movie to Norway. This year's jury consisted of film critic Cathrine Sordal screenwriter Arild Tryggestad and Erik Żmuda senior adviser at Film & Kino.

- The jury was really impressed by the movie's visual expression, and the extraordinary universe that draws you in. The story has a lot of original and surprising solutions, and it is thrilling to watch the main character as he is thrown into a game not knowing that he is the most important piece. The movie has a well-written script, great performances from the actors and steady direction, and the jury believes that it will give the audience a unique cinematic experience.


ECFA Award to Oscar Nominated animation

The ECFA award winner automatically gets nominated to the award of Europe's best children's film. The jury consisted of Aneta Ozorek (Poland), Bregt Van Wijnendaele (Belgium) and Stig Andresen (Norway).

The winner was the Irish animated film SONG OF THE SEA. The film is inspired by the Irish legend of Selkie (a creature that is half seal, half man) and tells the story of a brother and a sisters adventures journey through myths, magic and ancient forgotten secrets.

- The jury decided to give the ECFA Award to a film that is an amazing and rich story with beautiful animation. The film creates an immaginative and entertaining universe that introduces children to mythology. It has great educational value without trying to hard to educate the audience. We apriciate the makers for their original artistic vision.


Honorable mention went to the Swedish film MY SKINNY SISTER, directed by Sanna link.

- The jury decided to give a special mention to a film that portraits a serious theme from the point of view of the little sister. The drama is realistic and subtly built. The acting, especially by Rebecka Josephson, is outstanding. It is a story of sibling rivalry and love, and a family that has to find a way dealing with an eating disorder. That is why the Jury decided to give the special mention to a My Skinny Sister


The Zoo Prize to Danish superhero

The audience voted for the Danish ANTBOY 2 directed by Ash Hasselbalch as their favorite. The Zoo Price is the festival's audience award. ANTBOY 2 is the second film about Pelle (13) who secretly is the superhero Antboy. 


UNG Award - Best youth film

A Youth Jury selected the best film in the competition program in Filmfest UNG, and it was the Swedish film REMAKE who won the Award.

This year youth jury consisted of nine students from Tangen high school Marius Hole (17), Torleiv Klungland (18), Thomas Gardasevic (18), Andrea Gonzalez (18), Elida Kalvik (17), Veline Gautefall Olsson (18), Mathias Haugen (17), Phillip Other Bergset (17) and Camilla Amodei Hagen (17).

The jury said that they had seen a lot of exciting and fascinating films, films that we normally would not have seen, which is a shame for many of these truly deserves to be shown in theaters. The jury chose REMAKE because the film was told in a rather cool, but unusual way. - We can also relate us to the main themes of the film; love, uncertainty and making stupid choices when you are young, said the jury.

REMAKE is directed by Per Gavatin and Andreas Öhman and is a story about Lisa who is documenting everything on film. All memories, movements, every person she meets, she films. Boyfriend Martin has learned to live with it. But on a trip to New York it gets to be too much. Something is not right. Then suddenly the eccentric Luke shows up in Lisa's camera.

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